How can we help you?


What are the key functionalities of ship it?

Ship IT is tailored for companies that want to upgrade their business working on cost optimization, better customer relationships, fleet management, maintenance, or just better route planning and freight management. Use our Platform for easier dispatch, faster load management and precise accounting.

What is the implementation process?

Ship IT is a part of your digital transformation. Implementation of a new software is a delicate task, so we reccommend using our onboarding process. Show your interest, we will send you additional info.


We have a team of support wizards that will help you if you need any additional set-up, daily operational dilemmas or just need confirmation about a feature.  Working on this platform means you will need some time to fully grasp the powerful functionalities Ship IT has. You can do it yourself or with our help. 

Do you have a training metodology?

You will gain full access to our team of experts so you can set up your business the best way you can. We provide online consultation sessions, as well as training camps so we can share experiences and grow together. With our onboarding and support program, you will gain access to additional knowledge center. Show your interest, we will send you additional info.

Can you customize the platform?

With our subscription program you always use the latest version of the platform. We can make any customization you require and upgrade your account. It works through a customer portal in which you select and send a request for personal customization.  

Is there number of users limitation?

Ship IT is implemented as a cloud platform or an on-premise local software. User interactions are not limited, as well as number of users. It goes with our saying – we will grow together. If you need more users, talk to us, we will find a solution toghether.

Can you do data migration?

Our goal is for you to transfer your business to a digital platform. Any data you colected so far will be analyzed and if applicable migrated into Ship IT.

can you make custom integrations?

Yes, we make custom integrations, specific to you as a client. Every integration is analyzed by our project managers and business analysts so it can meet your needs and then sent to a development team so it goes without a flaw.