The tool you need to build the freight business you want.

Have a better view of your day-to-day operations. You need complete control over your fleet if you want to do a cost optimization. Ship IT can give you just that.

Have detailed tracking informations and records for your freight – from start point to its final destination.

Decrease fuel consumption through better route management, good analytics and detailed reporting. Use integrated maps service which will help you visualy see the best routes for freight consolidation and cost optimization.

Your fleet is your main source of income. Keep it in good health. Ship IT will help you plan and execute just that through our maintenance management module

You don’t need another finance software. We incorporated it to our platform so you can create invoices, manage expences and plan your freight before execution so you can make informed decisions about it.

Manage billable miles, have precise income information with required documents as well as expensess information with required documents. Keep track of valid income or expenses, and close the freight with an accounting reconciliation.

Turn real-time data into insightfull reports for better business decisions.

Get a personalizied dashboard full of informations you need for your day-to-day operations. 

Transportation Management Platform

Get your cargo, transform it into a load, create a route, dispatch, monitor and get your well earned money. All of this through our Transportation Management Platform. 

Use the onboarding process with us, start and continue to grow with every new, improved feature built into our platform. 

Choose one of two ways of implementation : cloud platform or on-premise implementation. Click on the buton and we will break this info down into steps.


Implementation & Deployment

We will guide you through the process of implementation and deployment.

Training courses

We provide premium training courses and resource materials.

Custom feature development

We can modify the solution to fit your specific needs or add any feature per your request.

API integrations

We can assess and provide API integrations for your accounting software, invoicing, hr etc.

Data Migration

We can analyze and migrate your data into the platform so you can continue your everyday work as easy as possible.

Maintenance & Support

We can support your journey and fix every detail you need fixing, every change you need to make so you can be better. 

Explore the platform

It is always better if you see for yourself.  Explore the features so you can make an informed decision.